Diaper Covers

Diaper Covers are also called “diaper wraps” or “outer shells”. konnai diaper covers are made with water-proof Poly Urethane Laminated (PUL) fabric on the outside and cotton flannel on the inside.

PUL prevents leaks but allows air flow to occur through the micro pores. This reduces the chance of diaper rash and skin infections. These covers are to be used along with pre-fold cloth or inserts on the inside.

Our stay-dry fleece liners can be used along with the pre-fold or insert, to give your baby a stay-dry feel.

Newborn (up to 3 kg)₹ 240
Small (3 – 5 kg)₹ 250
Medium (5 -9 kg)₹ 270
Large (9 – 13 kg)₹ 300

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