Waterproof Mats

konnai waterproof mats contain:

  • 100% cotton, soft flannel fabric on top,
  • unbleached 100% cotton fabric (two layers) in the middle,
  • waterproof Poly Urethane Laminated fabric (PUL) in the bottom.

They can be used as baby mattress-pads, changing pads, baby mats or mattress protectors (for bed-wetting, incontinence, menstruation, allergies).

PUL is waterproof yet breathable. We use cotton PUL (laminated cotton fabric).

Mat SizeDimensionPrice
Small2′ X 2′₹ 560
Medium3′ X 2′₹ 680

We can make custom-order mats to meet your requirements. Please Contact us to place a special order.

Bottom left of the pictures below is PUL and top right is the flannel fabric.

To view the full size picture of a mat click here.