Washing Cloth Pads

Washing before first use

Our pads are pre-washed. We still recommend one or two washes before first use. This increases the absorbency of the cotton fabric, as with every wash the residual starch (used in the manufacturing process) comes down. Soak the pads in cold water overnight before washing.

Washing after use

Soak the used pads in cold water for 30 min before washing. Use any mild soap or detergent. Disinfectants are not necessary. The pads can be washed in a washing machine too. Softness and absorption of the fabric increases after a few washes.

Hang the pads to dry and let the sun work its magic. They can be hung to dry just like a piece of cloth or hand-kerchief and are quick to dry. Women prefer these since they don’t stand out on the clothesline. Enjoy your sun-dried clean pads! Store them in a cool, dry place.


Do NOT use a brush (or stone or any other abrasive surface). Do NOT use hot water to soak/wash your pads, as this may compromise the integrity of the lamination in the leak-proof PUL fabric.