User Reviews

Soulfully made

I have been using Konnai pads for over a year now. They are soft, durable, easy to wash, dry and stack, and very importantly, very affordable. More than anything, I feel very aligned with the values of the initiative and the persons who run it. I am looking forward to a broader range of products, and using and promoting them as much as I can.

Cloth Pads

I’m using the konnai bamboo cotton sanitary pads since last 6 months and i find them very comfortable, safe, convenient to use and they feel nice to me. I would highly recommend every menstruating woman to use these no plastic, sustainable and organic sanitary pads which do not cause irritation to u as well as to environment .

Waterproof Mats & Cloth Pads

I’ve been using konnai products for a couple of years now and I absolutely love them!
My friend gave me this genius suggestion to carry a waterproof mat with me when I have a heavy period. It saves me tons of effort from cleaning my bedsheets, furniture and car upholstery by preventing accidental stains. The mats are as good as new though I wash them in my machine, which has a heated drying cycle as well.
The cloth pads are fabulous too. I am new to the transition from disposable pads, so I use cloth pads when I am at home or when I have a light period. I wanted to make this transition completely because of the chemicals in the disposable pads.
Thank you konnai for bringing these amazing products to the market!